Sunday, November 12, 2006

Toh Lee’s New Look (Nikko)

Starting fresh

THERE is a sense of renewed vitality about Hotel Nikko’s Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant. Adorned with plush new carpet and peach-coloured wallpaper from a recent refurbishment exercise, the outlet has never looked better.

To complement Toh Lee’s new look, executive chef Loh Chon Hor and his team have gone to

great lengths to create 130 dishes for its latest menu.

Lamb Shank with Black Bean Sauce.The current offerings comprise innovative regional Chinese delicacies inspired by the cuisines of Beijing and Sichuan.

In keeping with contemporary dining trends, most of the chef’s signature specialities are presented in individual portions for greater visual impact.

The Deep-fried Octopus in Salt and Pepper (RM10 per portion) is an enticing appetiser as it teases the taste buds with its combination of chewy and crunchy textures.

Leong fun or black grass jelly strips make an unexpected appearance in the Mixed Salad of Shredded Celery with Black Jelly in Spicy Sauce (RM7 per portion).
It turns out to be a delicate salad incorporating micro alfalfa sprouts, shredded celery, turkey ham strips and sesame seeds, tossed in a mildly spicy sauce.

A good Chinese chef is often judged by his soup-making skills, and Chef Loh’s certainly reigns supreme. His Pumpkin and Dried Scallop Soup (RM16 per individual bowl) is so delicious that its wholesome, tasty goodness remains long after the meal is over.

Just like the proverbial chicken soup for the soul, the clear, sweet broth of double-boiled pumpkin with dried and fresh scallops and bamboo piths is invigorating.

The chef’s creativity is also evident in his signature dish of Sautéed Scrambled Egg White with Diced Cod and Pomelo on Crisp Lettuce (RM25 per individual portion).

The pomelo sacs’ muted acidity and bittersweet nuances are a nice counterpoint to the rich pairing of cod and egg white, while the crispy strands of deep-fried rice vermicelli and diced zucchini provide textural contrast.

Another creation that will have diners raving is the Baked Double-boiled Lamb Shank with Black Bean Sauce (RM18 per individual portion).

After hours of double boiling, the tender and moist lamb is rich with the mouth-watering aromas of Chinese herbs.

Prawns with Veggies and Turkey Ham.A zesty but not too salty black bean sauce adds a perky finish to this sublime dish.

Other interesting dishes from the new menu include Stuffed Prawns with Vegetables Sautéed with Smoked Turkey Ham, Baked Baby Cabbage with Creamy Goma (Sesame) Sauce, Minced Venison Cake with Salted Fish and Water Chestnuts, Deep-fried Scallops with Egg Floss and Oats, and Chilled Imperial Noodles with Stewed Meat and Chives.

Sweet pickings from the dessert section include Chilled Mango Crème Brulee with Vanilla Ice Cream and Pomelo in Young Coconut, Chilled Avocado Cream and Sago Topped with Nuts, and Soft Almond Beancurd with Black Sesame Salsa and Longans.

But it will probably be the Crispy Fillo Parcel with Durian Cream that will have people beating a path to Toh Lee’s doors.

And if the comprehensive a la carte menu is not enough to satisfy you, there is always the restaurant’s sumptuous dim sum selection. Freshly made for lunch daily, 60 types of these dainty sweet and savoury morsels await the dim sum lover.

News Source : STAR

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