Wednesday, November 29, 2006

RM460mil Budget for Penang

CHIEF Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon has tabled a budget of RM461.86mil for next year, an increase of RM71.56mil (18.33%) from the 2006 Budget.

The management budget saw an increase of RM4.27mil (1.44%) to RM300.76mil while the development budget went up by RM65.34mil (48.13%) to RM201.1mil.
Dr Koh described the budget as realistic and pragmatic.

“It is in line with the state’s consistent commitment to generate high economic growth, ensure the rakyat’s progress and enhance their quality of living,” he said when tabling the Supplies and Development Bill 2007.

Dr Koh said emolument expenses to pay out salary raises and allowances for 3,471 government employees increased about RM4.24mil to RM84.61mil.

Allocation was also sought for the restructuring of Syariah Judicial Department, the creation of new posts and grades and bonuses for civil servants, he added.

Dr Koh said the state anticipated a nett revenue of RM262.2mil for next year, an increase of RM14.81mil (5.98%) from this year.

“To collect arrears owing to us, we are undertaking several strict actions. They include confiscating the land of defaulters who owe quit rent amounting more than RM10,000,” he said.
On tourism products, he said the Penang National Park would be opened in June next year, where a turtle sanctuary would be among its main attractions.

He also said the reptile farm project in Teluk Bahang would also be completed in June next year.

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