Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First Fully Smoke-Free Hotel in Singapore

Singapore (dpa) - The Royal Plaza will become Singapore's first fully smoke-free hotel when it reopens in January following a multi- million-dollar renovation, management said Wednesday.

The smoking ban will apply to both guests and staff, said general manager Patrick Fiat.

While many other hotels in the city-state have reduced the number of smoking floors and guest rooms, none has imposed a total ban.

''We wanted to do this for years, and since we closed for a major renovation last year, we decided to go ahead with it,'' The Straits Times quoted Fiat as saying.

Royal Plaza management has arranged talks on the harmful effects of smoking to help staff at the 32-year-old hotel, which has 511 rooms. It is also handing out nicotine patches and gum.

Other hotels noted demand by Chinese tourists for smoking rooms to explain why they have no plans for a total ban. China is Singapore's second largest source of visitors, following Indonesia.

Smoking is currently banned in 30 categories of public areas, including shopping complexes, underground pedestrian walkways and eating establishments.

By July 2007, the ban will extend to 900 bars and clubs.

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