Friday, November 24, 2006

Malaysia makes bigger MICE push

Tourism Malaysia’s Convention Division is planning to make the fifth Global Meet Malaysia, expected to take place in September 2007, the biggest edition of the MICE show.

The division’s deputy director, Mr Zulkefli Haji Sharif, said promotions would be “more aggressive”.

“Invitations to international buyers will be sent out at least three months ahead, to give them ample time to prepare,” he said.

As part of the strategic approach to draw international buyers, the invites will be sent together with a free copy of a MICE facilities guide, which will be published by the end of this year.

The event is held at a different venue each time so repeat visitors will get a fresh experience. The seven-day programme includes post- tours that will take international buyers and media to different states, to allow them to experience the different cultures and wide-ranging MICE facilities.

Tourism Malaysia estimates its share of the international MICE market to be 1.67 per cent of the US$30 billion it is said to be worth.

The fourth Global Meet Malaysia, held two months ago at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, saw its largest turnout with 102 buyers, 24 media representatives from 27 countries, and 100 local MICE suppliers and service providers representing the private and public sectors.

Sarawak Convention Bureau CEO, Ms Jill Henry, said: “We’ve received enquiries from Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and Europe who are interested and were previously not aware of our products.”

Bangladesh-based Times Aviation executive director, Ms Yasmin Rahman, said: “I have been selling Malaysia for over three years, but this event has given me a wider perception of what the country has to offer. Each state has its own characteristics and diverse customs which I did not have a lot of awareness of. After this exposure, I am sure I will be able to sell more.”

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