Saturday, November 25, 2006

Malaysia Year End Sale (M-YES) is Back

The much awaited for M-YES or Malaysia Year End Sale is back!

Part of the ever popular Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, the M-YES begins on December 1st 2006 till January 2nd 2007.

Those waiting for this shopping gala will be happy to know that even better bargains, promotions and fun- filled activities are in store!Check out the shopping malls in the popular shopping districts nationwide for a great shopping experience.

Many of them will be going the extra mile to hold their own special activities and promotions in addition to that of the M-YES.Master Card once more supports this event, bringing with it fabulous promotions and discounts for its Paypass Master Card holders. Look out too for hotel packages up for grabs at affordable prices.

This year, the M-YES comes with a most colourful and exciting surprise! For the very first time the Kuala Lumpur International Buskers Festival is being held from the 2nd – 10th December 2006. This is a thrilling collection of street buskers from the world over, roped in to add fun and excitement not only to the M-YES but the year-end holiday season here.

So, gear up for a marvellous shopping spree and holiday fun in tropical Malaysia. We guarantee you an exciting finish to 2006 and a great welcome to 2007!

Malaysia Year End Sale (M-YES) Launch
EventDate: 1 December 2006
Venue: Central MarketTime: 8.00pm – 10.00pm

The launch of the Malaysia Year-End Sale will be held at the newly refurbished craft market i.e. the Central Market. The event will be launched by the Honourable Minister of Tourism, YB Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and will feature a sneak preview of local and international busking acts and presentation that will be part of the KL International Buskers’ Festival 2006.

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Main Mega Sale Website :

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