Thursday, November 16, 2006

Langkawi Hoteliers Down in the Dumps

Langkawi hoteliers down in the dumps
S Puvaneswary, Langkawi (2006-11-16)

HOTEL and resort operators on the island of Langkawi are up in arms against the indiscriminate dumping of rubbish on the main roads and along the stretches of beach as this could turn away visitors and affect tourism on the island.

Malaysian Association of Hotels Kedah Chapter committee environmental taskforce contact representative, Mr Andrew Drummond, said tourists have said they would not return to Langkawi if nothing was done to clean up the area.

"Illegal dumping of rubbish is an issue here. It is especially bad when animals rip the plastic bags open. When there is a stretch of public holidays, the problem is made worse as there is no garbage collection," he said.

Mr Drummond added: "We had hoped to get a seat in Local Agenda 21 to influence decisions.
But since the launch early this year, things have fizzled. No meetings have been held.

"The Kedah chapter is now seeking to hold talks with the local municipality to see how member hotels and resorts can work with the authorities to keep the island clean.

Another concern is seepage of toxic waste from the dumping site at Kilim is seeping into the mangrove and killing plants.

News source : TTG
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