Monday, November 13, 2006

MAS fares are competitive

MAS: Air fares are competitive

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines has reiterated that its fares are competitive and it is incorrect to conduct pricing surveys on the basis of simple markers.

The national carrier said reports that its fares were high were inaccurate as airline pricing was very sophisticated.

MAS said this when clarifying recent reports on its fares and calls for availability of seats inventory for advanced bookings by customers.

To get cheaper fares, MAS said, passengers should book and purchase tickets early, book via the Internet, travel during low season periods, fly on less popular schedules, travel during weekdays and look out for tactical fares.

On an average, MAS has 18 fare categories with different levels and conditions, taking into consideration about 60 points of sales.

As MAS serves more than 100 routes, the national carrier has about 2.5 million different fare permutations, it said.

Likewise, if a fare comparison is made between MAS and other airlines, it is always possible to arrive at different conclusions.

MAS also expressed concern about the survey on air fares mentioned in the media recently.
MAS managing director Idris Jala said: “In our efforts to prove that we have not out-priced our fares based on the market supply and demand, our management has compiled some findings and shared it with the Ministry of Transport for engagement with the relevant agencies.”

Turning to seats availability in Britain and Europe, MAS said recent reports that agents in Scotland could not do advance bookings is inaccurate.

In Britain and Europe, all relevant travel agents have been alerted to call MAS if they face difficulties in making early bookings for their customers. – Bernama

News Source : STAR
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