Thursday, September 24, 2009

US agencies renew warnings on luxury hotels security

U.S. security authorities have told local law enforcement agencies to be on alert for possible attacks on luxury hotels, but said they had no information on the timing, location or target of any planned attacks.

The note, sent by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to local law enforcement agencies, was unrelated to a probe into a bomb plot in New York and Denver made public in the last week, officials said on Tuesday.

The two federal agencies said the warning issued on Monday was part of "a series of unclassified homeland security notes ... produced to assist our partners as they go about their daily duties."

The agencies said they "believe it is prudent to raise the security awareness of our local law enforcement partners regarding the targets and tactics of previous terrorist activity."

Two federal law enforcement officials said it was just a reminder that terrorists in the past have targeted luxury hotels.

The officials said a similar note also had been sent recently to local law enforcement agencies to be on the alert for possible attacks on U.S. sports stadiums, but they said there was no intelligence of a specific threat.

A probe into a suspected bombing plot, taking place in New York and Colorado, prompted two different FBI and Department of Homeland warnings last week. A U.S. Homeland Security Department spokeswoman said an advisory has been issued "to remind transit authorities to remain vigilant."

Source : STAR
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