Thursday, September 24, 2009

RM10mil to develop Kenyir Lake

The Terengganu Tengah Development Authority (Ketengah) will spend RM10mil this year to develop Kenyir Lake for tourism.

Its general manager Hamzah Ngah said Ketengah had identified several projects, among them building the Gawi tourism terminal and improving the facilities at the Herbal park and Pulau Sah Kecil.

“This will help Kenyir Lake to expand as a major tourist attraction in the country,” he said here.

He also said that Ketengah received an allocation of RM25mil in special funds from the Federal Government this year.

The biggest allocation was for the tourism sector, with RM10.3mil, infrastructure and social development (RM6.3mil), housing (RM3.2mil), human capital and education (RM2.2mil), economic and business development (RM1.7mil), information technology and communication (RM800,000) and poverty eradication (RM500,000).

Source : STAR
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