Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hotels More Likely To Become Terrorism Targets

Hotels are more likely to become targets of terror attacks, China's Xinhua news agency quoted a new report as saying.

STRATFOR, a U.S. intelligence firm said in an analysis released Tuesday said that terror attacks against hotels have doubled in the eight years since 9/11 terror attacks, while injuries and deaths caused by those attacks have increased by six-folds since then.

The reason that hotels become more attractive to terrorists, it said, is because now military and governmental targets get harder to hit.

From the terrorists' viewpoint, the report said, hotels are the ideal targets with fixed locations, lots of human traffic and shallow security perimeters.

Moreover, upscale hotels usually attract a lot of Westerners.

Meanwhile, hotels around the globe generally do not have enough security measures in place to prevent terror attacks, the report said.

Source : Bernama
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