Monday, July 30, 2007

Putrajaya received 1.3m tourists since 2000

The administrative capital has recorded over 1.3 million tourist arrivals since 2000, but authorities believe the amount could be five times higher.

Putrajaya Corporation (PJC) President Tan Sri Samsudin Osman said tourist arrivals to Putrajaya had been increasing steadily.

He attributed the increase in tourist arrivals to the host of attractions found in the area and also to many events that had been and were being organised in Putrajaya.

For instance, he said, the Putrajaya Floria 2007 (a nine-day flower and garden festival that would take off on Aug 25) and the Arts Festival would attract thousands of visitors to Putrajaya.

He said on average of 200,000 people visited Putrajaya annually, and in 2003 the figure was 312,696 people.

He told this to reporters at the annual Putrajaya Treasure Hunt here on Sunday.

An official from the corporation said the actual number of visitors to Putrajaya could be five times more than the annual average as not all tourists registered their visits.

"We don't have a comprehensive system yet to gauge the exact number of people visiting Putrajaya."

"The figure we have comes from those visiting Dataran Putrajaya and the Putra Mosque," said the official.

He added that in future PJC, through its soon-to-be launched Putrajaya Tourism Action Council, would carry out a detailed survey to determine the tourist arrivals.

"Easily about 40 tour buses make stops at Putrajaya on a daily basis, while there are also people driving in private cars and those who visit our parks and take the lake cruise.

"Based on all these we believe that the figure recorded is not reflective of the actual number of visitors to Putrajaya," he said.

The official also said the lake cruise was a popular tourist attraction, apart from the many parks and the magnificent architecture of the Buildings.

Source : STAR
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