Wednesday, August 19, 2009

KLIA Enters First Phase As Next Generation Hub

Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB), in keeping with current travel trends and technology savvy travellers, today launched the first phase of its Next Generation Hub programme.

As part of the programme, the KL International Airport (KLIA) is being positioned as a next generation hub, a premier airport that will enable passengers to connect seamlessly amongst all types of carriers including full service airlines and low-cost carriers to all destinations served from KLIA.

For a start, MAHB and KLIA launched the web portal, which provides an itinerary builder that integrates all airlines schedules and fares, including full service carriers and low-cost carriers.

"We want to come out with facilities that help the passengers to travel in our airport in a more comfortable manner," MAHB's managing director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad told reporters after the web portal launch here Tuesday.

"We hope people will make use of it. The aviation industry is changing. Ten years ago it was different. Today, passengers can actually choose their own itinerary, their own fares.

"Ten years from now, I'm sure the industry will change from what it is now and we are going to be ready for it,"

Currently, there are 54 airlines in KLIA featured in the website.

Asked whether the airport operator will add more airlines in the website, Bashir said they will be added as they come on board.

The itinerary builder was developed in partnership with an Iceland-based technology company which provides innovative technology solutions for the travel industry.

The Flight Planner, which is free to use, searches more than 660 airlines worldwide for the best flights and connections available.

The search results include links to airlines and other travel portals where travellers can book flights directly.

Besides flight booking options, the website also features information such as the operating airlines at KLIA, facilities available and environmental efforts at KLIA.

The portal would be continually enhanced and for the next phase of development, MAHB is already looking at including hotel booking engine which will compare prices for properties in and outside Malaysia.

MAHB also plans to add an Airport Frequent Connector Loyalty programme, which is aimed at rewarding the frequent travellers.

On news report regarding MAHB to announce a new set of financial incentives for airlines that fly out of the 39 airports it operates in the country, Bashir said discussions will be held with the airlines the next one or two weeks before an announcement is made.

"The incentives are actually to reward the airlines that bring business to the airport (KLIA)," Bashir said.

Source : Bernama
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