Thursday, August 20, 2009

More choices for travellers

TRAVELLING trends are changing and our local aviation industry has picked up on the changes.

Yesterday, KL International Airport (KLIA) and Malaysia Airports Bhd (MAB) launched the first phase of the Next Generation Hub, a web portal called, which provides an itinerary builder that integrates all airlines' schedules and fare, including full service carriers and low-cost carriers.

Through this web portal, travellers are able to choose the lowest fare and the quickest route to a destination.


A STEP FORWARD: (From left) Datuk Azmi Murad MAB senior general manager of operations, Yusof Javidi chairman of KLIA airline operators communication, Bashir, Tan Sri Dr Aris Othman chairman of MAB, Mohamed Sallaudin Mat Sah general manager of marketing, Umar Bustamam CEO of Evaman and Faizal Mansur MAB CFO

“We may not be the first to offer such services to travellers but we are the most updated,” said MAB managing director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad.

He added that this portal also serves to facilitate people to use Kuala Lumpur as a transit point. In the past, such information was possible but required much more work and hassle. With one website to find the connections, travellers can save time.

The flight planner on the portal, which is free, searches more than 660 airlines worldwide for the best flights and connections available. The search results include links to airlines and other travel portals where travellers can book flights directly.

“The portal empowers the traveller with tools to build unique itineraries. At a touch of a button, travellers may choose to arrive at their destination on full-service carriers and depart on a low-cost carrier. Such combinations would not show up on a regular booking engine.”

Moreover, the website is easy to navigate, said Bashir.

With the launch of the website, Malaysia Airports is also excited to introduce the new “KLIA Next Generation Hub — The new way to the world” branding to convey a new way of doing things for both passengers and airlines.

As for what phase two of the plan will be, Bashir said it will be announced when the time comes.

Source : MalayMail
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