Thursday, May 21, 2009

Langham Hotels International Develops No Strings Attached Pledge to Help Recession-Ravaged Meeting Planners

Langham Hotels International has launched the No Strings Attached Pledge to take out the sting for event planners who organise meetings in today’s recessionary climate.

Alison Styles, Vice President – Sales for Langham Hotels International said: “The hospitality industry understands the economic challenges only too well. Globally, budgets are under stress and corporates don’t want to be accused of extravagance.

Meeting planners around the globe have shared with us the challenges they are facing. We’ve listened and created a Pledge which helps them to continue to do business effectively.”

“Planners still want to conduct business but they want the venues, especially hotels, to be more flexible and responsive. They want a ‘get out of jail’ card – as well as a cost effective value for money deal. The hotel that offers this combination is the one most likely to win the business.”

“In this climate, it’s about sharing the risk and Langham Hotels International is offering flexibility with a human face. It’s not purely a numbers game. This approach demonstrates to our partners that we are committed to long term business relationships,” she added.

Langham Hotels International No Strings Attached Pledge is valid for new bookings from now until March 2010 and takes away the major hurdles to booking a venue for a business meeting.

Cancellation Terms Waived
Traditional meeting contracts include cancellation clauses which carry substantial penalties. No Strings Attached offers complete flexibility:
Zero penalties if a meeting is cancelled at least 60 days prior to the event.
50% of your cancellation fee credited to your next meeting in 2010 at any Langham property around the world should you cancel within 60 days of the meeting.

No Attrition Rate Charges
Meeting contracts carry a penalty if the minimum hotel room number is not met.
This is now waived under Langham’s No Strings Attached Pledge

No Food and Beverage Minimums
Most meeting contracts stipulate a minimum food and beverage requirement.
Langham Hotels International waives this for group bookings

Internet Charges Waived
Internet Charges will be waived at all participating hotels for all delegates staying in the hotel and general session meetings.

Ms Styles said: “Meetings today and yesterday have always been about providing a good return on investment for the planner. While we’re in the business of luxury hospitality – it should be remembered that we’re also in the business of service. That means being flexible, innovative and tailoring our event solutions to their needs.”

The No Strings Attached Pledge is the latest initiative from Langham Hotels International to assist meeting planners. It follows the recent launch of takethelead ( which takes the best of a convenient online platform, service commitments for meeting planners, combined with the best available facilities while injecting the magic ingredient of a human service element.

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