Thursday, June 24, 2010

Malaysia outlines plan to lure in yield

MALAYSIA should enhance its product development and promotions to grab a greater share of the high-yield market.

These were among the recommendations presented to industry leaders yesterday by consulting firm, Jelas Dinamik, which had been commissioned by the Tourism Ministry to conduct a study on developing niche segments for high-yield longhaul markets, namely the UK, Germany, France, Russia and Sweden.

The study examined 13 categories – MICE, taxi service, car rental, promotional activities, luxury trains, food festivals, luxury cruises, hotels, airlines, golf tourism, ecotourism, spa/wellness and medical tourism.

The firm advised the Malaysian trade to create more boutique hotels, engage specialised marketing companies to push golf tourism and encourage environmentally-friendly certification of golf courses, allow foreign spa operators to enter the market, and carry out specific and focused promotional activities targeted at high-spending tourists.

To give ecotourism a further boost, facilities at lesser-known ecotourism locations should be upgraded and a variety of activities should be introduced at eco-lodges.

The Malaysian government is seeking to escape the middle-income trap and capture a greater share of high-yield tourists. The 2020 target is to get 3.5 times more tourist receipts than the 2010 target of RM54 billion (US$16.8 million).

Source : TTG
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