Thursday, April 30, 2009

MAS issues operating guidelines on handling outbreak

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has issued standard operating procedures to all its staff and crew members on the handling of passengers in the wake of the swine flu outbreak.

The measures include the close monitoring of passengers for any signs of illness, maintaining high standards of hygiene and special handling of people suspected of being infected with the virus.

MAS general manager for corporate safety, security, health and environment Dr Ooi Teong Siew said the procedures, which were similar to those implemented during the SARS outbreak in 2005, were based on World Health Organisation and the International Air Transport Asso­ciation guidelines.

“The procedures have been issued to our crew members, airport operations staff, maintenance and cleaning personnel and all workers directly involved in the handling of passengers, cargo and baggage.

“Our staff have also been provided with information on swine flu in our efforts to enhance their general awareness of hygiene to minimise the risk of infection,” he said.

Dr Ooi said the measures also included the provision of passenger services and sufficient health safety equipment on board flights, public hygiene and sanitation in which the aircraft would be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected upon disembarkation, and maintaining high levels of cleanliness during in-flight service and ground service.

He said MAS would continue to coordinate with the Health Ministry on the preventive guidelines.

Source : STAR
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