Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tiger Airways Takes Off Empty Leaving Passengers Behind

Intending passengers were left angry after a Tiger Airways plane flew to Melbourne from Hobart without them after a flight attendant fell ill, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported.

The 140 passengers were left at Hobart airport last Friday night and many were stranded for three days while waiting for seats on the one-flight-a-day Tiger service to Melbourne.

The flight attendant at the centre of the incident was attended to by paramedics at the airport and later joined the empty flight back to Melbourne with other crew.

A Tiger spokeswoman told AAP that under air safety regulations planes must have a certain number of cabin crew before they could fly with passengers.

No replacement for the sick steward on Flight TT567 was available in Hobart.

The plane left Hobart for Melbourne without passengers because it had to service other routes the next day from 6am, the spokeswoman said.

Passengers who missed connecting interstate flights included an intending best man at a wedding and a man who had planned to welcome his daughter-in-law home from overseas.

Source : Bernama
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