Monday, April 05, 2010

Everyone wants to be a Hotel GM

Playdom’s Social City continues to make real progress, having quickly established itself as one of Facebook’s most played games, while Zoo Paradise by CrowdStar and Hotel City by Playfish both show promising growth.

Hotel City’s acolytes increased at an astonishing rate, with 800,000 wannabe hotel bosses flocking through its doors in the past week.

The game is fresh out from Playfish, now the Facebook arm of video game giant Electronic Arts, and is a new twist on the business management genre made popular by Restaurant City and Zoo World.

Players construct and decorate hotels, choosing to offer either larger, more luxurious, and expensive rooms or smaller, cheaper rooms that can lead to a higher number of guests.

There are also other types of social function rooms available in order to increase guests’ satisfaction levels and pander to their whims.

Facebook friends can be summoned to help clean up and maintain each player’s property, but if volunteer help isn’t available then workers have to be hired, representing a drain on the hotel’s resources.

One is almost tempted to see Hotel City as a thinly-veiled metaphor for a Facebook game developer’s business plan.

When players are able to generate big buck income from advertising hoardings and vending machines in and around the hotel project, we’ll know that FacebookTycoon isn’t too far away.

Top ten fastest growing Facebook games, Friday, April 2

1. Social City (10,905,836 = +1,842,269 / +20.3 per cent)

2. Zoo Paradise (2,275,240 = +1,273,705 / +127.2 per cent)

3. Bubble Island (4,397,582 = +927,725 / +26.7 per cent)

4. Hotel City (935,242 = +812,641 / +662.8 per cent)

5. FarmVille (82,847,179 = +689,247 / +0.8 per cent)

6. Tiki Resort (4,134,716 = +641,776 / +18.4 per cent)

7. PetVille (20,855,791 = +618,829 / +3.1 per cent)

8. Texas HoldEm Poker (29,170,503 = +568,488 / +2.0 per cent)

9. Ameba Pico (901,147 = +404,046 / +81.3 per cent)

10. Pet Society (19,619,697 = +320,841 / +1.7 per cent)

Numbers in brackets relate to total monthly users, the increase in monthly users, and the weekly percentage growth.


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