Thursday, July 09, 2009

Airline crew 'bare all' again, in new safety video

WITH the airline crew donning nothing at all, this is one in-flight safety video you are likely to give your fullest attention to.

In an aptly-titled "Bare Essentials of Safety" clip, Air New Zealand staff take pre-flight passengers through the flying do's, don'ts and emergency procedures - wearing nothing but body paint.

This is not the first time staff have 'bared all' - about two months ago a video advertisement "Nothing to Hide" was released to promote the airline's "what you see is what you pay" policy on air fares.

The new safety video, three-minutes and 28-seconds long, made its debut on Monday's 7am flight from Auckland to Wellington, the New York Times reported.

Filmed on June 10 for the airline's 737-300 planes, the video can also be seen on the company's website

As sensational as it may all sound, there's nothing risqué inside this 'bare all' video.

Sensitive body parts are cleverly covered up, either by 'props' like a lifejacket or careful placement outside of the camera's view.

Even in the closing scene - when a stewardess walks away from the camera, revealing her bare back and behind, the sequence is placed out-of-focus, with the company's logo appearing in the foreground.

The tone is light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek, but no less informative.

"Even if you fly with us quite a lot, we'd appreciate if you take... a second look," says flight attendant Michaela in the video's preliminary introductions.

For those who want to glimpse another level of nakedness of the airline staff, there's also a bloopers clip on the site, taken during the filming.

Source : AsiaOneTravel
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