Friday, June 12, 2009

Thistle Johor Bahru Opening 1 July 2009

Thistle Johor Bahru Opening 1 July 2009

After all the work we've put in, we just can't wait to welcome you to brand new standard in hospitality.

Its been serious hard work but we're really excited about how our all new Thistle Johor Bahru is taking shape. When we open our doors to welcome you in just a few weeks time, you'll be equally thrilled at the refreshing new level of luxury and comfort that you will be able to enjoy in the heart of Johor Bahru.

It will be high above all else, we assure you. So do excuse us as we've still a lot to do to ensure we keep our promise.

Thistle Johor Bahru

Jalan Sungai Chat

80100 Johor Bahru

T: 607 222 9234

F: 607 223 2718

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