Monday, June 08, 2009

Malaysia to launch healthcare portal, brand

THE Malaysia Health Ministry is set to launch an integrated marketing plan in mid-June that includes a dedicated Malaysian healthcare portal and the creation of a brand name for Malaysia Health Tourism as part of an increased collaborative effort with the Tourism Ministry and Tourism Malaysia to promote health and wellness tourism more extensively.

Malaysia Health Tourism's new brand name is to be "Malaysia Healthcare - Quality care for your peace of mind". Both the brand name and the portal will be launched mid-June by the health minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Ministry of health undersecretary, Mr Choy Lup Bong, said awareness about Malaysia's health and wellness services is very low and part of the reason is due to strict advertising guidelines where hospitals and doctors cannot use superlatives and make claims in their advertising and advertorials. He said the health ministry will propose more flexibility to the advertising board.

Also in the pipeline is a move to create "centres of excellence" within the 36 private hospitals involved in medical tourism and to promote these extensively overseas. Mr Choy said "centres of excellence" was a strategy to attract more high-end complex procedure cases to Malaysia.

Tourism Malaysia will provide marketing support in terms of collaterals and by inviting health writers from targeted magazines worldwide on fam trips to visit the various medical facilities in the country, said Tourism Malaysia's director of research and industry development, Mr Zulkifly Md Said.

Health and wellness tourism has been identified as the highest revenue-generating segment among niche tourism subsectors, contributing five times the average per capita expenditure compared to leisure tourists.

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