Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AirAsia does away with fuel fees on all flights

Passengers on AirAsia and AirAsia X flights will no longer have to pay a fuel surcharge for both local and international flights.

AirAsia Bhd group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes said with the move – effective midnight yesterday – passengers need only pay the fare, airport tax and administrative fee.

AirAsia becomes the first airline in the world to do away with the fuel surcharge for all its flights.

Previously, passengers paid an average of RM47.

Fernandes, however, added that he could not guarantee that the airline would not reimpose the surcharge should world fuel prices skyrocket again.

“I would be crazy to say I’ll never impose a fuel surcharge. But we will resist for as long as we can.”

The check-in baggage handling fee, however, would remain. “We imposed that (in April) for three reasons – fuel prices, to limit luggage, and to be more environmentally friendly.

The lighter the plane, the less emissions there will be,” he said.

Fernandes also announced that beginning today, the airline would be offering 500,000 free seats covering all its destinations.

The booking period is until Sunday, and the travel period is from June 22 to Oct 24 next year.

“There are two ways to deal with a slow economy. You’ve got to give more value, and you’ve got to stimulate people to travel. That’s what we’re doing now,” he said.

Asked how the he planned to deal with the impact of the fuel surcharge removal, he replied:

“Higher load factor and newer initiatives to increase our revenue will help cover it. We’re keeping our 76% load factor, while adding 20% more seats. We’ll also look at other ways of increasing revenue.”

Also present at the announcement was Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad, who applauded AirAsia’s move.

In an immediate reaction, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) senior general manager (sales) Datuk Bernard Francis said MAS had already reduced its fuel surcharge by 50%-73%.

“Our sales surged by 400%. We are looking at reducing the surcharge further to give customers what they want – low fare plus five-star products and services,” he said in a statement.

He added that what was special about its promotion was that passengers could travel almost immediately.

Source : STAR
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...



Sorry to tell that I am very disappointed with the arrangement service that I had received from your site from the beginning to the end.
By the time we reach Mersin at 10.30am, the vouchers were not ready and look like our reservation has been totally left out.
We got to wait for it to be settled.
Based on our reservation, our ferry schedule should be at 11.30 am but we were only manage to get into the 2pm ferry, can you imagine how difficult was it without proper place to wait and with 3 infant with us.
After waiting for 3 hours for ferry, we only manage to reach Paya at 4pm.
A cheap paya chalet beside did provide bag transfer service to their chalet but for a resort like Paya Beach, there is no such service given.
When we arrive at the receptionist by walking, the Manager gives excuse that they were not aware on the ferry arrival thus they never sent the small bike to carry the bags. First time I am hearing an unreasonable answer from a Hotel manager.
Talking about the delay, we were told that the ferry schedule is beyond their control, we can understand if the ferry didn’t take off due to high tide, but there were 1 ferry at 12pm that we were not given priority due to the poor arrangement.
And, we can’t accept the reason that “ferry is beyond hotel control”; reason because we buy the package from Paya and we expect a good service from Paya, if you can’t control, then you should not sell the package including ferry with a promise departure time at 11.30am.
And, finally to our surprise, we were told on the last day that we got to check-out at 10.00am as we are suppose to check-in early if we follow the correct ferry timing.
What I know, Malaysian hotel standard check-out is 12.00pm.
We are very disappointed for the amount of money we spend, what we receive is poor service with very short stay period.


Thank you for your feedback.

On the 11 March there are 2 Ferry at 12 pm (11.30am check in),
1 ferry depart to Salang.
The 2nd Ferry depart to Paya Beach Resort was delay so our representative at Mersing counter 2 did inform you the ferry have been delay. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

*At the ferry voucher it did indicated "FERRY TIMING SUBJECTED TO LAST MINUTE CHANGES".


I am totally not happy with your answer.
Delay of 2 hours is a nonsense, there is no such thing that 2nd ferry at 12pm were delayed 2 hours till 2 pm, it’s very clear we took the 1st ferry for 2pm.
It’s a screwed up arrangement by your resort which spoil my entire vacation.
“We were not inform, that the group will be arriving on that time.” Whose fault is this? Do you expect your customer to listen such stupid excuses?
How about your chase out at 10 am, where did you indicate that the check-out is at 10am?
I need compensation in term of money back to me as I feel that I only spend the value for a day in the resort.
I don’t want your future discount as I don’t want to go through the same screw-up vacation again.
Please confirm your decision on compensation for me to proceed with my next course of action’s as I mentioned below.
I give you time till 2pm today, I were challenged by Sunny to go ahead with legal action, so I am very much eager for that.


Why should I ask this conman to take legal action, the most if I can’t take I, I will ask him to write in a complain to us. It never comes into my thoughts a little bit, on a legal action. This cheapskate would like to pull a fast one, to get a free vacation.

Thanks & regards,




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