Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Malaysia to mount Ramadan tactical at ATM

TOURISM Malaysia is optimistic it can lure the Middle East to travel during Ramadan and celebrate Eid Ul Fitr overseas although it has no previous track records to go by.

At the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) next month, Tourism Malaysia will embark on a special tactical to encourage visitors from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East to experience Ramadan in Malaysia.

The tactical will promote Malaysia as a “cool” haven to escape from the intense heat, the shorter fasting hours in Malaysia compared to West Asia, easy access to Muslim places of worship, and many varieties of halal food that is easily available throughout the country.

Tourism Malaysia director, South Asia, Oceania, West Asia and Africa, Mr Azizan Nordin, said Tourism Malaysia would increase its collateral and distribution in Arabic so Saudi buyers would be able to know more about the country. A website to promote Malaysia in Arabic will go live this year.

This year, the holy month of Ramadan, comes right after the school summer holidays for Gulf countries, except Saudi Arabia which has extended its holidays to October 13.

From 2009 right up to 2013, Ramadan will fall during the summer holidays in the Gulf.

Source : TTG
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