Friday, November 09, 2007

New Airline Routes for FireFly

Firefly will be flying to Kota Baru and Langkawi from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang from Nov 17.

The introduction of additional flights to and from Subang is the airline’s response to public demand.

With the convenient location of the airport at Subang, air travellers in the Klang Valley need not travel far for their short-haul destinations, said Firefly managing director Eddy Leong.

Firefly’s new routes will give additional travel options, what with the upcoming festive season and school holidays.

An introductory price of RM9.99 will be charged for the two new routes. Bookings are now open and travel period is from Nov 17 to March 29 next year.

The Kota Baru-Subang flight will depart at 8am, and return from Subang at 9.20am, reaching Kota Baru at 10.20am.

The Langkawi flight will depart at 3pm for Subang, and 4.35pm for Langkawi. Firefly will also be adding a third flight daily from Subang to Penang at 12.50pm, and leave Penang at 11.30am for Subang.

Bookings can be made via Firefly’s website at, Firefly call centre at 03-7845 4543 (opens daily 8am–9pm) or at its sales office in Komtar, Penang.

For those in the Klang Valley, tickets can be purchased at Firefly’s sales counter at Terminal 3, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang.

Source : STAR
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Fin Freedom Achiever said...

Don’t try your luck to take firefly airline if you have very tight timeline.

From my experience, Firefly airline is not so reliable. I missed the last boat to Pulau Redang when Firefly just delay the flight at the 11th hour.

No customer service or support is available in this case too…only 2 options:
(1) cancel your flight and get a refund or (2) reschedule your flight…They just ignore all the hassle, opportunity cost and inconvenience caused by the delay of the flights conveniently…

In view of this unpleasant incident to lose both monetary on additional hotel accommodation and loss of accommodation and vacation time at Pulau Redang, we have filed a complaint and request for compensation as advised by Firefly customer service personnel via email to To our surprise and disappointment, it takes 3-4 weeks for Firefly to respond and reject our claim with a simple note “Your request of compensation has been declined” and no feedback to our complaint.

Personally, I view this kind of service as irresponsible and would like to share our experience and suggest those who really stretch on their time for not trying your luck and taking the risk. It is not worth to waste both your valuable time and money this way….

Free to fly said...

So sorry to hear that. But so far, my experince with Firefly is pretty good. Warm services, less hassle for check in,and Subang is nearer to my house. I quite enjoy the service from Firefly, and here atatched my thankyou note for Firefly. Well done and kudos!

Juicy said...

Yeah...thanks for Firefly making my life easier now. Flying out from Penang to Kota Bharu has brought me nearer to my family. Now, i can visit my family by Firefly everyweekend. If you guys wish to buy the cheap ticket, log in to Firefly website for more information. hahaha...perhaps Firefly should take me as their staff ..coz js simply love it.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Firefly.....

Anonymous said...

Brillinat ideas ...Firefly, go go go

William said...

Finally, there is something to compare now...Air Asia is not monopoly for low cost carier now..haha..consumer more choices now. yeah yeah




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