Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MAS Launches MHbuddy On Facebook

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) passengers can now book and check-in for a flight while sharing their trip details with their friends with the launch of MHbuddy, an application on Facebook.

In a statement Monday, MAS said the introduction of MHbddy today would take flight bookings to another level.

"Besides opening up another distribution channel for ticket sales, our customers can also experience amazing convenience now.

"At the same time, they can stay connected with their friends," it said.

Its executive vice president (commercial strategy), Dr Amir Khan, said a few airlines were already selling tickets on Facebook.

"However, no other airline allows its customers to integrate their travels so deeply into the Facebook social graph. Neither do they allow customers to check-in via Facebook," he said.

He said MHbuddy would also allow passengers to select their seats.

"During seat selection, they will also be able to view the seats of their friends who are travelling on the same flight," he said.

MHbuddy is developed by SITA Lab.

Source :Bernama
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