Monday, December 13, 2010

Tourism Malaysia re-allocates promotion budget

TOURISM Malaysia will change how it spends its money next year due to rising costs. This includes scaling back its presence at some international trade shows and reducing the amount spent on print advertising.

The NTO's annual advertising and promotion budget has been capped at RM200 million (US$63.8 million) since 2001 without any adjustments for inflation. This was even reduced to RM150 million this year as part of a government cost-cutting drive.

Tourism Malaysia would still have a big presence at major shows such as the Arabian Travel Market and World Travel Market, but would be represented by its overseas tourism officers at others, said deputy director-general (marketing) Amirrudin Abu.

Amirrudin said it was "important to maintain a presence as a show of confidence to the market" but the NTO had to also stretch the budget.

He added that Tourism Malaysia was increasing its spending on Internet and social media marketing, as print advertising was getting more costly.

Source : TTG

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