Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Malaysia Among Top Islamic Tourist Destinations

Malaysia is now among the top Islamic destinations of tourists, especially Muslims, because the country offers various services and halal products.

In relation to this, Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) director-general Zainuddin Abdul Wahab said the centre was focusing on providing information and facilities sought by the Muslim community.

"There is much potential in Islamic tourism in Malaysia due to contributing factors such as its liberal policies which offer comfort in various aspects, including food, beverages, personal needs and facilities," he told reporters here Monday.

Zainuddin said, based on studies, tourists, especially Muslims, chose Malaysia because of the convenience of obtaining halal food, prayer houses, health-based tourism, variety of cultures and heritage and peaceful environment.

The ITC is recognised by the tourism ministry and Tourism Malaysia, as well as supported by the Bumiputera Adventure and Travel Companies and the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents

Source : Bernama

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