Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ipad Gets into Hotel Concierge Business

Is there anything Steve Jobs can't do? Not content to just woo us with iPads in hotel rooms, Apple is said to be looking into the hotel service industry in a much more direct way.

According to tech blog reports, Apple has filed patent applications for a few travel and shopping apps, one specifically designed to provide hotel amenities and services.

As CNET summed it up, "It also would appear to put some hotel concierges out of work."

With the ability to handle check ins and check outs, as well as room-service and movie orders, the hypothetical app would also let guests make local restaurant reservations, or source tickets to a local play.

We've heard this promise before—Eventi is one hotel rumored to be introducing a similar service-oriented iPhone app—but for the most part hotel apps are still offering more basic services like initial booking, maps and local tips.

The big deal about having Apple create their own app is of course that it would be more widely available to hotels. They wouldn't have to spend quite so much on designing their own software, and could focus on the range and quality of services to offer via the app.

We hate to say it, Mr. and Ms. Concierge—but if we were you, we'd be shaking in our well-shod boots right about now ...

Source : HotelChatter
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