Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shows and facilities upgraded to attract tourists in Malacca

The well-known Taman Mini Malaysia and Mini Asean in Ayer Keroh have undergone re-branding to remain among the state’s top tourist attractions.

K.I. Pengurusan Holdings managing director Bharat Ajmera said the re-branding involved upgrading facilities and traditional performances.

“There is a new stage for activities, upgraded camp sites and trails for jungle trekking for corporate camps,” he said.

Taman Mini Malaysia and Mini Asean has 13 Malay and 12 Asean traditional houses.

Bharat said the traditional wooden homes had been refurbished.

He said that newly-choreographed dances had been lined up for visitors.

Meanwhile, Raneesha Manoharan, 24, a ballet-Bollywood performer, said she was roped in to assist performers here in new dance techniques.

For inquires, call Taman Mini Malaysia and Mini Asean at 06-232 1331

Source : STAR
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