Monday, February 11, 2008

Malaysia is No. 2 in competitive prices listing for Travel & Tourism

Malaysia has emerged as the second most price-competitive country in the world in the travel and tourism (T & T) industry.

The Geneva-based World Eco-nomic Forum (WEF), which surveyed 124 countries, also gave top marks to Malaysia’s participation at travel and tourism fairs and applauded the Government’s high priority for T & T as well as Ma-laysia’s good road, railroad, airport and port infrastructure.

The WEF, noted for its annual top-level meeting and discussions on current affairs and trends in Davos, Switzerland, recently released its Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 (TTCR).

Malaysia was also perceived as quite safe for tourists (24th overall) and in terms of the reliability of police services, the country was ranked 19th, on par with Britain and ahead of other developed countries like Spain (22nd), New Zealand (23rd), Portugal (25th), Ireland (29th), Belgium (32nd) and Italy (40th).

The survey covering Malaysia was compiled with the assistance of the Institute of Strategic and Inter-national Studies, Malaysia (Isis) and the National Productivity Corpora-tion.

WEF executive chairman Prof Klaus Schwab said in the TTCR 2007 that T & T was currently one of the world’s largest economic activities and the leading industry in many developing countries.

The report listed Indonesia as the most price-competitive country in terms of the T & T industry while the third most price-competitive country was Bahrain with Thailand fourth.

Meanwhile, the WEF will hold its forum on East Asia in Kuala Lumpur on June 15 and 16, when 300 leaders from more than 20 countries will convene to debate the challenges and priorities which will ultimately shape the region’s future agenda.

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