Thursday, October 19, 2006

Marriott Testing Smartphone Check Ins

Marriott Testing Smartphone Check Ins
Oct 19, 06 1:58 am

Marriott is working with Intel Solution Services and Microsoft to enable Windows Mobile device users to check into their hotel from their smartphone - the Pocket PC Phone variety. So instead of waiting of on a long line to check in, a guest could just breeze up to an automatic key dispenser.

To start, users download and install what's called Marriott's mobilitysoftware from to access what is the an initial test system, currently accessible at only one hotel; Marriott's Redmond, Washington location - The Redmond Marriott Town Center, not by coincidence, of course. There's also a PDA user guide on the site.

Once installed, users can check into their room while in transit to the hotel. Guests will be able to change room types, receive welcome information and reconfirm their room rates. Should a wireless signal be lost during the check-in process, it picks up where it left off once their reconnected.

Last but not least, when they arrive at the hotel, guests retrieve their room keys from the automated key dispenser in the lobby; bypassing what is often hordes of other travelers waiting on line to check in. For the Pocket PC Phone user, it’s a quick trip up to the hotel room to rest some weary feet.

Marriott expects to complete the test later this year. After evaluation, the hotel chains plans to roll the mobile wireless check-in solution out to other hotels.

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