Monday, February 07, 2011

New tourism slogan for Negri Sembilan

Return to Nature will be the tourism slogan for Negri Sembilan this year in line with other tourism packages of the state which are mostly nature-related.
State executive councillor for Tourism Datuk Mohamad Razi Kail said the slogan was aimed at enhancing the tourism sector in the state.

"The new slogan will be used to promote Negri Sembilan as an eco-tourism destination. This is because about 90 per cent of the state's tourism products is nature-related.
"We have beautiful beaches, mountains and forests hundreds of years old to explore. "It would be a shame if these bounties of nature were not promoted as an increasing number of tourists love eco-tourism packages," he said at a recent briefing session at the Tourism Malaysia office here.
Among the popular nature-related tourism products in the state are the Edu Eco-tourism Centre at the Sungai Menyala Forest Reserve in Port Dickson, Sungai Linggi in Rembau, Taman Alam Liar and Gunung Besar Hantu in Jelebu, and Gunung Angsi and Bukit Putus in Kuala Pilah.

There is also the popular Raptor Watch in Port Dickson, Scientific Expedition and Kenaboi International River Challenge at the Kenaboi Forest Reserve in Jelebu, and the Port Dickson International Triathlon.

Razi said it was time for the state to upgrade its tourism sector based on the numerous tourist spots in the state. He said tourists who selected tourism packages will also be introduced to the state's culture through the penginapan desa programme, which allows them to appreciate nature while getting a feel of kampung life.

To further enhance the eco-tourism sector products, he said the Tourism Ministry had allocated RM16.2 million under the Tenth Malaysia Plan for various projects.

These are to extend the Teluk Kemang beach front in Port Dickson, as well as upgrade the Ulu Bendol Recreational Park in Kuala Pilah and the Seremban Orchid Park.

He said RM12.6 million has been spent on past eco-tourism products in the state.

A total of 2.2 million tourists visited the state last year. The tourism target for this year is 2.4 million visitors.

He said the old slogan, Unique Culture, Popular Destination, will continue to be used for all state tourism products as it reflected the uniqueness of the state's adat perpatih practises

Source : NST
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