Thursday, January 06, 2011

Travel-related expenditure like purchase of airline tickets and accommodation is the top online spend category for Malaysian Internet users, according to a Visa consumer survey.

The 2010 Visa e-Commerce Consumer Monitor found that 82% of Malaysian respondents bought airline tickets over the Internet, and 72% purchased travel accommodation online over the past 12 months.

The survey was based on 3,516 online interviews with regular Internet users in six growing e-commerce markets – China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

Respondents from Malaysia reported spending an average of RM6,297 online in the past 12 months. Of this, an average of RM865 was for online purchase of airline tickets, RM473 on travel accommodation and RM456 with online travel agents.

Malaysia Visa country manager Stuart Tomlinson said online booking for air tickets, purchase of financial services or electrical appliances are getting more common and many Malaysian online shoppers feel it is more convenient to shop on the Internet as they can compare prices easily and shop at a time that is convenient to them from home.

"From the survey, we also know that 35% of Malaysian respondents rated payment security as the most important factor when transacting online. Visa provides cardholders with an added layer of security with Verified by Visa with one-time passwords.

"Consumers can make online purchases with their Visa card, with the reassurance that their data will be processed securely, regardless of whether they shop at local or overseas websites," Tomlinson said.

Malaysia is ranked No 3 in online shopping with the average amount spent online in the past 12 months at US$2,006, behind Taiwan and China at US$4,041 and US$2,557, respectively, among the six countries surveyed.

Source : TheSun
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