Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Federal Hotel to celebrate Yan Yat in style

THE Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur is going traditional this festive season and is having a show to celebrate Yan Yat on Feb 20 at 7pm.
Yan Yat which is known as “everyone’s birthday” or the “common man’s birthday” falls on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese custom, Yan Yat which is also known as renri, is the day human beings were created.
Serenading: Chan Ai-Jia (right) and Han Jie will entertain guests at Federal Hotel on Yan Yat day
It is celebrated not only in China, but also other regions influenced by the Chinese culture and in Malaysia it is celebrated on a grand scale where families come together to toss yee sang and make good wishes as well as toast for happiness and prosperity.
This year, the hotel is having a show featuring award-winning singers Chan Ai-Jia and Han-Jie, as well as GS dancers in a one-hour show while guests enjoy an eight-course menu. The show itself will take guests on a nostalgic journey as singers serenade audience with golden oldies and evergreen numbers as well as contemporary pop songs.
“It is going to be exciting and festive and the show’s repertoire will include plenty of interaction between the audience and me,’’ said Han-Jie who who will also be emcee for the evening.
“The presence of the GS dancers will also make the evening lively as they will provide a visual treat since they will be changing costumes on and off for the show,’’ he said.
The dinner show will be held at the ballroom on Level 2. Prices per table of 10 are at RM1,388++ (1st tier) and RM1,188++ (2sd tier).
The menu will kick off with the celebratory Salmon Yee Sang, followed by Shark’s Fin with Crabmeat, Prosperous Chicken, Steamed Red Snapper with Supreme Soya Sauce, Braised Mushroom, Sea Cucumber with Broccoli, Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf, Sweetened Sea Coconut with Ginseng and Deep Fried Mini Lotus Paste Bun.

Source : STAR
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