Monday, November 02, 2009

Malaysia's Jom Makan Outlet Makes An Impact In London

Malaysian restaurant, JOM Makan, has opened its second outlet in the United Kingdom in just over a year of its operation there.

Managing director, Mohammad Zuhri Abdullah said the aim is to open a total of five outlets in the United Kingdom by 2012.

The investment for the second outlet is 750,000 pounds sterling (RM4.2 million), bringing the total investment for both to 1.9 million pounds sterling (RM10.7 million).

The new outlet is also projected to have RM4.5 million sales in its first year of operations and RM6.8 million for the subsequent year.

"JOM Makan has created an impact in London by catering to 1,400 customers weekly, of which 85 per cent are British locals," Zuhri said in a statement, on Monday.

JOM Makan is a Malaysian franchise based in London and initiated under the Malaysia Kitchen Project.

Source : Bernama
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