Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's now the Malaysia Savers Sale

The popular year-end sale will now be known as the Malaysia Savers Sale as part of a rebranding exercise.

“We want people to know they are saving money when they buy during the sale period, whether it is a big discount or even a 1% or 2% discount,” Tourism Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said told reporters after giving an update on the Malaysia Mega Sales Carnival (MMSC) which ended on Sept 1.

Azalina said a special secratariat would be set up to handle the year-end sale.

Saving in Malaysia: Azalina shaking hands with Mastercard Vice President Yau Su Peng at her ministry. Also present are SOGO chief Operating Officer Eddy S.K. Chan (second left) and Matta President Ngiam Foon.

“From my discussions with various parties, a lot of issues came up regarding the sale,” she added.

Among them were for better coordination between the Government and the private sector, a wholesome national and international approach to the sale and strategies for targeted products.

“We have several advantages, but our neighbouring countries are targeting the same group of consumers. There is a need for various strategies,” she said, adding that one of them was Tourism Malaysia working together with Star Hill on its “Journey Through Time” exhibition for watches.

“This is one of the targeted strategies for a targeted product,” she said.

Azalina said the new name would be good for the domestic market although emphasis should also be given on the international market.

“There must be focus on the tourists when they come to Malaysia as that is behind the whole purpose of shopping.”

Azalina urged Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia to play a role in promoting the year-end sale.

“Airports should also have branding strategies to remind people and tourists of the sale when they come to Malaysia,” she said.

“I am sure the response will be better during the year-end sale, especially since there is also an increase in sales activities during the MMSC,” she sai d.

Initial reports from MasterCard showed a 24% increase in sales in the first week of MMSC compared to last year. Spending for the first weekend of the sale was US$55.4mil compared to US$44.6mil last year with transactions rising 5% from 780,911 to 819,440.

“Malaysians remained the highest spenders overall, recording a spending volume totaling US$50.3mil reflecting 785,670 transactions,” Azalina said.

Tourists spent US$5.1mil over 33,770 transactions.

“This shows a strong domestic market, which is very good as we are trying to promote local products, she said.

The Malaysia Savers Sale will be held from Nov 29 to Jan 4, 2009.

Source : STAR
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